"There is something wonderful about a great melody unrushed. It's the strong sense that every note counts, that every note has something to say. Listening to Doug Young play is hearing the importance of each note - full, rich tones, following and flowing, not crowding or bumping. Listening to Doug is hearing the guitar sing."

- FreeSoloGuitar.com

Doug Young is a fingerstyle instrumental guitarist based in the San Francisco South Bay area. He is the winner of the 2011 International Acoustic Music Awards in the instrumental category. Doug has released two CDs, Laurel Mill, and Closing Time featuring his solo guitar playing, compositions and arrangements as well as DUETS with Teja Gerken. He is also the author of the best-selling Mel Bay instructional book: Understanding DADGAD: For Fingerstyle Guitar as well as Fiddle Tunes in DADGAD, A DADGAD Christmas and Hymns for Fingerstyle Guitar. He is a Contributing Editor for Acoustic Guitar Magazine, and has also been published in Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine. In his role at Acoustic Guitar, Doug has written numerous instructional articles, gear reviews, and interviewed many of today's top guitarists including Tommy Emmanuel, Sergio Assad, Andy McKee, Laurence Juber and Pierre Bensusan.

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