I created my arrangement of this traditional tune for an RMMGA project, kicked off by El McMeen, in which around a dozen guitarists developed arrangements. The idea was to share and compare different approaches,and there was a wonderful diversity of approaches and some great arrangments.

This arrangement has been well-received on You Tube. Here's my video of the tune, back when You Tube had terrible quality, and I still had a mustache!

And here are some other guitarists performing the arrangement:

Wayfaring Stranger

After the initial RMMGA arranging project, we tried a second time with this tune. My arrangement is in Gm tuning (D-G-D-G-Bb-D). The tune's a bit somber, but I tried to think of it as being bluesy in a slightly funky way.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

This was my contribution to a 2003 Holiday Music Project on the Acoustic Guitar Message Board. Recorded on my Ryan Nightingale. Tuning is CGDGCD. This is a kind of quick and dirty recording, the problem with Christmas music is that by the time you've really learned the piece, it's New Years!

Away In a Manger-Silent Night

A 2007 quick stab at a medley of two Christmas tunes. I basically started with the outline of Away in a Manger, but added a taste of Silent Night in as well. In Open D.