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Here are a few MP3 odd-n-ends:

bulletI created my arrangement of this traditional tune for an RMMGA project, kicked off by El McMeen, in which around a dozen guitarists developed arrangements. The idea was to share and compare different approaches. This is the version I shared with the group. There is a newer recording on my new CD.
bulletWayfaring Stranger
bulletAfter the initial RMMGA arranging project, we tried a second time with this tune. My arrangement is in Gm tuning (D-G-D-G-Bb-D). The tune's a bit somber, but I tried to think of it as being bluesy in a slightly funky way. The other contributions can be heard here, thanks to Michael Wong.
bulletO Little Town of Bethlehem
bulletMarshall, on the Acoustic Guitar Web site proposed a Holiday Music project for Christmas 2002, and provided a web site where guitarists could submit tunes. I recorded this arrangement on my Ralph Bown baritone guitar for the project. The arrangement draws on a simpler Mark Hanson arrangement, I started with Mark's version, and sort of improvised around the basic idea.
bulletAway in a Manger
bulletI also submitted this tune to the Holiday Music project. It was recorded several years ago using a Taylor 914C, using a pickup, and fairly heavy use of reverb and chorus. This was also an expansion of a basic Mark Hanson arrangement.
bulletDo You Hear What I Hear
bulletThis was arrangement and contribution to the 2003 Holiday Music Project (the web site is no longer up) on the Acoustic Guitar Message Board. Recorded on my Ryan Nightingale. Tuning is CGDGCD. This is a kind of quick and dirty recording, the problem with Christmas music is that by the time you've really learned the piece, it's New Years!
bulletBring A Torch, Jennette, Isabella
bulletA Christmas arrangement, just for fun. Recorded on a Claxton 13 fret Malabar, Dec 18, 2005.  Here is the tablature for this arrangement.
bulletAway in a Manger/Silent Night
bulletA 2007 quick stab at a medley of two Christmas tunes. I basically started with the outline of Away in a Manger, above, but added a taste of Silent Night in as well. In Open D.
bulletWe Three Kings
bulletMy 2008 Christmas arrangment, for high strung guitar (bottom 4 strings an octave higher than usual), in DADGAD. Recorded on my Taylor 914. Here is the tablature.







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